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Photographic & Digital Media Specialist

UX & Product Designer for Motors.co.uk part of ebay classifieds group group

UX / Product Design

I relish the challenge of taking complex problems and producing elegant solutions and products that make life easier for the end user.


With a BA Hons in Photography & Digital Imaging and Associateship to the British Institute of Professional Photography, I am just as at home setting up lighting in a studio or standing trackside with a media pass at Silverstone

Video Production

I love all things visual including shooting video. Whether that is using a rig, stabiliser or drone to capture the perfect shot.

Photoshop Composites

There is nothing like building out a single piece of artwork from hundreds of individual photos. A skill I put into practice on a Heineken advert whilst interning at a leading London based design studio.

The Tools I Use

Motors.co.uk Site Evolution

Search Results Page

Below you can see the evolution of the motors website search results page, the first being the original. The second was my first redesign of it to a card based layout with new search panel and the third is the latest iteration of it with improved search panel ux and various changes to the card layout such as incorporating dealer reviews and merchandising elements.

Original Motors Website

Redesign Phase 1

Latest Iteration

Skills & experience

Oxford based UX and Product designer with 10 years experience in the online automotive sector working for Motors.co.uk – Now part of eBay Classified Group

Drone Finder - James Media

Motors.co.uk App Development

The Motors.co.uk app had remained unchanged for several years, after the main website under went a rebrand and redesign it was decided the apps should also be given the same treatment.

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